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Journey Barber School does not discriminate in its employment, admissions, instruction, or graduation policy the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ethnic origin, gender identity, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation, public assistance status, or any other basis protected by law nor does it recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study.

Enrollment Requirements


Admission Requirements and Procedures

The admission requirements and procedures of Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board requires a Student Barber registration while attending; therefore, the following documents are required for submission to Journey Barber School and/or Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board:

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Financial Assistance

Journey Barber School has teamed up with the Meritize platform* to offer our students a unique financing option. Meritize works with students, educators, and employers to help people excel in skills-based careers. If you are a student in need of financial assistance, click the link below to get started.

A few reasons why the Meritize Platform is a great option for student:

State Of Ohio

Apply for your barber license

Register here with the State of Ohio eLicense Ohio Professional Licensure System

Registration guide

Need assistance registering with the State of Ohio? Click the link to retrieve a step by step guide.


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FULL TIME STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND CLASS FROM Tuesday thru Saturday 8:30 a.m. until pm 5:00.